Carry On

(a tribute)

Before Surgery
Originally slotted for release in late 2015, finally released December 21, 2016, in face of Bruce Geduldig’s passing.

Available for free via futureplaces audiolab


Studio re-creation of a track originally recorded by Microdot, re-invented for futureplaces 2013 by the FuturePlaces Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra featuring original singer Bruce Geduldig, and again in 2014 as a spectral invocation sans Bruce.

In loving memory of Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou.
With thanks to Luc van Lieshout for “blessing” this tribute.

Written by Microdot
Arranged and performed by Before Surgery, 2015:
Anselmo Canha: keys, percussion, programming, bass
Heitor Alvelos: voice
João Dalion: bass

Mixed by Heitor Alvelos
Mastered by Anselmo Canha