The Geometry of an Abyss


Available via Cronica


A mash-up of dissonant sources developed by Anselmo Canha, Heitor Alvelos and José Maria Lopes between 2003-2010:

  • Field recordings of occasional traffic in downtown Porto at 3AM, 2003.
  • The Monkey and the Guitar do BlackNoddy, 2006.
  • Field recordings @ CCStop: dozens of rock bands rehearse in a bankrupt shopping mall, their sounds echoing and mashing through the deserted corridors, 2007.
  • A shredded orchestra of 10 harmonicas, Awarehouse of Why, Aveiro, October 2007. Conducted by Len Massey and HA.
  • Live Tunisian horn and American trumpet improvs over the phone to the UK, December 2007.
  • JML and AC untune an acoustic guitar by a river bank in Orbacém, Northern Portugal, late Summer 2008. HA provides water percussion in the distance.
  • Silvestrov karaoke on a Sunday morning, late Summer 2009.
  • Solo late-night electric guitar solos, December 2009.

Munched and spit out against the clock by HA, December 2010. Properly reconstructed and mastered by AC a few days later.