Before Surgery

Before Surgery is an R&D endeavour towards a series of acoustic, musical, and audiovisual exercises. It is a crossroads of ethnography, philosophy, intuition and aesthetics. The underlying paradox: freedom from agenda fosters an ever increasingly complex web of agendas – formal, procedural, ideological, narrative.

The name attempts to encapsulate scientific precision, existentialist angst, and hands-on bravery. The surgical act as excision of damage, as rebirth, reconfiguration, as a necessity, an imperative. In a nutshell: visceral rigour. In another nutshell: ominous joy. And yet another: faith.


December 2016. carry on

October 2015. vox express

July 2015. no punk, no science, no now

July 2015. the illegibility of the creative act

July 2015. shibuya kraut

Jan 2015. boot surgery

Jan 2015. potlatch

Oct 2014. before before surgery